Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pinwheels in the Dark

As I sat in a chair amidst the Golden Sea of forest flowers, I reminisced about the docks just below my feet. A week earlier, dear friends (& blog followers through FB) shared in my evening watch. When the 1st bat appeared I recalled that I had told them 3 more would join in. They did so then, just as on this evening. On this night, as the suns’ light waned & my candle lantern seemed to brighten, I could not tear myself away. The lake surface began to calm. Slowly, pink ripples began to appear. They did not seem the usual river current & it was not the typical patterning of schooling fish. I arose to look down on the circles, which were throughout the cove. I was absolutely filled with wonder as I realized they were as underwater pinwheels! Each "spoke" was as the depth of a child's toy pinwheel!It was truly remarkable!!!
I stayed long past dark gazing in wonderment & went to bed still filled with curiosity.
The next morning, I headed down to the landing in the pale light of the half-moon. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the circles were still all over the cove, though fewer in number & often accompanied by a silver flash of a fish. They came as close as the landing on which I sat. As the light grew, the pinwheels faded into circles, once again & there was evidence of schooling.

Notice how mirror-like the water is around this school of fish. The extreme center of the first image is the closest I was able to get to a "pinwheel". They just would not do it in the light. As I so often quote, "Some images are just for the film of the soul."

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  1. Hey Mrs.c C! I love this post. I love the details. And the photos are great too. I can't wait for school to start tomoorow and I hope I'll have your class! And I'm starting to write in my blog again. It's not as good as your, but I'd still like you to take the time and read it. But anyway, I love your blog!