Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning Star Watch

I have been out of many of my morning rituals... journal, walk, watch, pray, praise & simply spend time with my Creator & Lord...All relationships need time put into them, especially with my Saviour. To be in relationship with my Creator, I must also be in relationship with myself, & as one of His many creations. My morning rituals open the doorway to myself. Pastor Reggie said, "Insignificant? Try telling the Maker of all tings, the One who created you, that you are insignificant!"
Most or every morning, I awake with a praise song on my heart & this morning, I was compelled to head straight outside. I didn't walk or roam. I simply sat out under the incredibly bright, vivid & colorful sky of stars. I typically have Psalm 8 running through my head when I stargaze. ("What is man that thou art mindful of him?") This morning was different. I looked at the star-filled sky & was simply in awe that the maker of all things IS mindful of ME!...wanting to give me the very delights of my heart. Moreover, He wants to spend time with me. His child & creation !! I felt incredibly renewed. As this came over me, the purest blue-white star streaked across above me, never fading even as it disappeared beyond the silhouette of a huge pine.
When the giddy chill subsided, I brought out my Bible, journal, & a ceramic platter of candles. Two fully blooming pots of lavender mums laughed & sang alongside of me, as I read the book written by the "Maker of all things". The sky still star-filled, the candles' glowing, I am renewed & refilled for another day of creating with kids !

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