Monday, November 30, 2009

Childlike at the Manger

I collect nativity scenes...soon, my house will be adorned with them, even 2 in the bathroom!. They help me stay mindful of the true meaning of Christmas. I accompany many with an empty cross...representing the real message of this season: victory over death & our eternal life with our Creator. "God doesn't cause bad things", nor does he "send people to hell"...these are the cost of free will. I have so many nativity scenes that I have become selective...& have bestowed cherished ones to others, to remind them that a tiny babe, from humble beginnings should be our focus this time of year.
When my son moved up from toy, "Little People" to action figures, I shed more than a few tears. It was such a pivotal baby growing up. For my birthday, Tom surprised me with my very own Little People set...a nativity ! With great glee, I set it out yesterday. I love the simplistic joy on their faces as kings, shepherds & a host of animals have come to stand in awe of our God come to earth. Emanuel, God is with us! I pray for myself & for others, to cherish with childlike awe the newborn Christ...
How many of us would, "go back & do our childhood all over again?"...go through all the pain & growth?....Christ came in full knowledge of what was to come...all the way to the cross on which He bore our sins...seeing each & every one of our faces as He hung dieing. He chose to come...the ultimate gift of God doing everything possible to BRING US TO HIM, & NOT cast us away from Him...but He gave us the will you decide? Where will you go when this lifetime is complete? Our Lord & Creator beckons us all to come into His Kingdom...& spend eternity with Him. It all begins with a tiny baby in a manger.

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