Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Teachers Hide

He walked into my art room 2 & 1/2 years ago carrying the myriad of emotions that all elementary students bring as they move up to middle school. When he timidly walked in, I noticed he had no right hand. I looked at him squarely & pronounced, "I'm not going to treat you any different than anyone else so if you ever need me to, you will have to let me know". His countenance both relaxed & grew as he radiated the acceptance I had intended. A connection was forged.
Kind & generous, polite & faith-filled, he is who all parents pray their child will grow to be. His willingness to try new things & especially his tenacity are inspiring!. While others complain of a medium being messy, he would literally be up over his elbow in it, saying, "No, it's o.k. My stub works great for this". He has overcome hurdles in cutting & even in weaving. I often say things like, "Do you need a hand?" & forever find myself using such phrases with him. As I flush with embarrassment, he always fires back a witty remark. His sense of humor is abounding! Being particularly self-sufficient & creative, he frequently works independent of the class. This results in a lot of shared, problem-solving.
There is a unique bond formed between teacher & student, particularly between artists, & especially over years. This past week, the reality of change knocked me off my feet as he shared that he & his sister (another cherished of "my babies")will begin a new life in another school next week.... An unspoken aspect of teaching is the continual cycle of grief & renewal. With a grateful heart, for now, I grieve...

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  1. O!! How lucky he was to have you in his life!
    Wonderful post, J-9!