Sunday, November 8, 2009

Becoming Part of the Forest

I sat this morning, watching the mist rise from the lake to sway across the water. There was what sounded like a gentle gnawing along the shore. I sat motionless, watching in front of me & listening to my left. A bird flew so close that I felt either his wing-tip or the rush of air on my forehead through my beanie cap !!!!
Movement caught my eye & I peered out to see a water fowl emerge from beneath the overhanging maple. On previous mornings, I thought it to be the green heron making his autumn stop-over. Today I realized it is a wood duck, doing the same. He simply floated before me, some way out. The day grew lighter & Juliette joined me, standing in front of me, parallel with the shore. Warming my hands in the multiple layers of skin & fur beneath her chin, I reached for the camera. Hoping there was enough light along the banks, I zoomed in on the duck. It pays to be aware of what is around the lens, for a silver shimmer moved the otherwise calm surface. Having just rounded the bend, a beaver surfaced & I with my camera held in ready!!!

I had no time for adjustments or zooming. He was coming fast & I simply captured what I could. He was swimming high, with both back & tail exposed as he skimmed along. Perhaps you can make out the tail in this last image...After I took it, I watched with my naked eye as he traveled ever closer towards me. He turned towards his burrow, arched his back & disappeared into the main entrance. He was so close, I could see individual hairs on his side, as well as make out the different shades in his rich, chocolatey, wet fur !!!

Returning home, I excitedly woke my husband. I told him of the bird skimming me & the beaver swimming towards me in the light. He simply smiled & replied,
"Ah ! So you are becoming a part of the forest now!"

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