Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rising Waters

The remnants of hurricane Ida passed through our town. I actually checked the news to see her effects...a few trees down, creeks swelled beyond their banks, limbs all over streets. There was but a minute of coverage one morning. Our little niche of the world has been transformed for days. The fixed docks are covered & the falls roar. Even the protective shields on the duck houses are under water. Water on both sides of Beaver Point is now visible from the upper path behind us.

The nearby shoreline generally has a drop off to the lake. The waters, now cover the grasses & scrub brush above the shoreline. I made my way over to the landing to capture some images from my usual vantage point....Silly me, the landing was under water. I typically watch the beavers well below the line of the log in this image, next to those 3 smallish trees.

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