Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letting in the Light

Many people spent "Black Friday" wrestling with crowds, impatience, & desire. Most of our holiday shopping was accomplished throughout the year & we chose a quiet, yet active, day in our home. We had more of a "spring cleaning" sort of day as we vacuumed under everything that could be overturned or moved. Window seats were cleared, curtains were hung across bookshelves, & area rugs were either tossed or rearranged. Our hibernation retreat feels somehow new & fresh.Our home is small by the standards of many, but it suits us well. It is a rectangle divided in 1/2 with one end as our bath & sleeping quarters. I call the rest of our home, "The Room". Three sides have large windows which radiate forest light, creating a roomy feel.
Separated by a corner island, our kitchen allows the "chef & clean-up staff" to be a part of things. Our computer is next to sliding glass doors, where I look over the lake, & often the setting sun, as I work. Along with the "computer room", this space includes a toy/play room, dining, sitting, library, & office areas, as well as our living room & of course, my art studio. I once had students exclaim, "You must have a huge house!". I replied, "Actually, it is all one just depends on what we are doing in it at the time."
Once again, I arrive at the way one chooses to see. Our streamlined, "new home" now feels much larger than the day before as I prepared food for our holiday meal. The light from the nearly bare forest brightens our home all the more this time of year. Despite the shortened days, it is a time for new light & new beginnings. Fresh flowers, a new collection of fragrances wafting from the glow of candles, & time with family is how we chose to begin our journey towards the winter months.

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