Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cascading Water

Neither of these are good shots, but I want to share with you about the waterfall behind our house. The recent rains have the waterfall behind us flowing freely once again. The weather is nice enough we can open up the screens & hear it throughout the house. To walk out on the deck, is an awesome sound of cascading water as the pond drains into the lake. Perhaps this last shot will give you some idea of how tall the falls are. They are just to the left of the image. The docks where I sit are to the right. (You can also look back to the first image I posted in September, where the falls are just out of view to the right.) I thought this was a neat moment where the clear waters of the pond met the muddy, flood waters of the lake. It's time for the beaver, so I'm off to spy my morning friend.

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