Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Night on the Lake

The change of seasons, enhanced by the tools of Man, have broadened our lake view. From my deck, I watch the Great Heron make his dawn & dusk hunting expeditions. The russet leaves amidst the forest cove complement his blue-gray form. More than once, I have headed down to the dock, only to find him standing statuesque on its floating planks. I have also watched the Kingfisher from aloft as he glides gracefully across the glass-like waters. His chattering hunt, always catches my ear, even from this distance.
Lakeside "neighbors" are only apparent 1/2 of the year when their lights shine bright. On still nights, the glassy surface reflects parallel lights, yet the slightest ripples compel them to twinkle as stars. Flowing river currents cause them to reach towards me, as fingers reaching across the lake. Leaning against our railing, I have discerned the glimmering wake of beavers down below.

When one practices the art of '"watching", the night continues to hold treasures in abundance. I meditate on Psalm 91, as I am reminded that the God of the Universe, the Maker of all things, "never slumbers, nor sleeps". He is continuously creating, watching over, & loving us. Selah ! & Amen!

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