Monday, June 8, 2009

Bill the Marine

"There was a time when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things". That was on the shirt I wore to the store yesterday. It shows a picture of the National WW II Memorial. It was at the check-out counter that I was blessed to meet Bill. I asked if he had served in WW II. I thanked him for his service and told him how honored I felt to shake his hand. Soldiers (& their families) make tremendous sacrifices that the rest of us cannot fathom. When next you meet a soldier, please shake their hand and give a sincere thank you for their service. They so rarely hear this and can not hear it enough.
When the war was over, "The Greatest Generation" came home, built new lives and a new America. They didn't get "therapy" or "closure"...they put the past behind and looked to the future. They blessed all of us and the world by building a better, stronger America.

Bill had been a marine, drill Sergeant. (sergeants are the ones who get things done). We talked for the longest time...Bill needed to talk. God blessed me to be there in just the right shirt at just the right time. On Memorial Day, he had been asked to go to D.C. to the WWII Memorial and memories came flooding back. He spoke of the camaraderie ~the brotherhood~ soldiers felt and still feel, even after all these decades. 55 years later, he feels the pain and loss of beloved friends and the horrors of war.....dear, old friends and painful losses.
These words of Jesus are my prayer for Bill and all soldiers in all wars "I will pray the Father and He will send the Comforter [Holy Spirit] to abide with you always". John 14:16

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  1. What a wonderful post. How nice to see, that after all these years, you and I still think much the same.