Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coming Out Of The Haze

All this drama has left me a bit out of focus. Yesterday, was a foggy-headed day. for me. Our red-shouldered hawk, of 8+ years still hunts here daily. She is known by a missing wing feather.Apparently. the "new one" DID choose to live in the forest behind us. It is she who is teaching her young to fly out back. I watched her regular schedule before the leaves came in and hoped she would nest here. A variety of factors kept me from going down "below" in early mornings, so I hadn't been sure. Though the leaves are denser than I can recall, from our back deck we can see her come and go. I am so pleased.
The baby wrens are at "that rebellious age", which seems to extend across species. The young ones are fascinated by us. Although Momma is at ease around us, she must teach them to fear humans. She is constantly chasing after them, scolding & they are nearly her size.

I took this image some weeks ago. It is a reflection on aquarium glass. I thought it a unique perspective. Life has been feeling like this a lot for me lately. Thanks to your prayer support, it is getting back to normal. (the "One Minute Devotion" to the right entitled, "Thanks", goes perfectly with our experience these last days. Please check it out.)

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