Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spiritual Springs

I took a much needed spiritual retreat with my family and went camping in north, central Florida. In 102 degrees with high humidity, we set up camp in the forest. Pouring with sweat,I climbed into the tent to don my swimsuit, and found myself wondering why I had returned. Slipping into the 72 degree fresh, water I instantly recalled the lure of the centuries old springs.

This is the first view that I had that evening. It is also the last view I had each night before turning in. It is Lil' Devil's Spring, 45' deep, and too narrow for a diver's tank. The water is crystal clear. All manner of fish large and small,come to nibble my toes and see if I have brought them treats. Looking up the channel, towards the Santa Fe River, there are 2 more springs.

Above, is The Devil's Eye, some 25' down to the cave entrance. Surrounded by cyprus trees, that drip with Spanish moss, these springs bubble up and run off into the river. Descending the steps, one cannot discern where the crystal clear water will begin. Just off of those steps, the water is well over an adult's head,though it appears only inches deep.

We made camp on the forest side, between Devil's and Ginnie Springs.Pictures do not do the springs any sort of justice, nor does standing beside them. This is my husband, who is over 6'tall. He is about to swim over the cavern entrance to Ginnie. An adult cannot stand up where he is. The water is so clear, it is hard to imagine the depth. I believe the entrance to Ginnie is about 45'deep. I do not dive, and snorkelling is very uncomfortable for me, but I was constantly in and out of the cool, spring waters. My time was spent drawing, meeting people, as well as in praise & worship. It was refreshing for my spirit to get away and enjoy more of the amazing gifts that our heavenly Father has provided. I accomplished some GREAT watching, too. I will share on that later.

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