Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Life & Growth

For 9 or 10 years, we have had a tee-tiny Carolina wren nest in our carport. She nests right above where we sit and hang out...especially during storms. 3 years back, Tom got on a left-brain rampage and labelled everything on the shelves. He had a left-over jug, which he cut in half, & labelled, "handy container". Momma wren agreed and this is the 3rd year she has nested there.

She will come and go regularly, barely noticing us sitting beneath her. She is the tiniest of birds and has the loudest and most melodic of all our song-birds. Truly an amazing metaphor God created.

This year, she had a record-setting 5 babies !!!

The kids have grown & grown and now overflow the little bin....Saturday, it was time for big bro to stick his head out and lead the flock.....

We were so blessed to be out there as they took their first flying lessons. Poor things...trying so hard, but slamming and falling and trying again. I was afraid for them, but could hear momma singing a strong song of encouragement.... They all made it out of the carport to the "Carolina Blue" sky...and safely returned. SUCH a tremendous blessing to witness day 1 of flight training !!!!

Another metaphor in this is to be seen in our lives....Sometimes we start to feel crowded and that it's time for a change... We look out and see a huge takes faith and a lot of practice. We can spread our wings and head out into new directions, as long as we have our Father-God's blessing and encouragement. THAT takes faith and relationship.

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