Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calling All Prayer Warriors

I had gotten away from blogging due to health issues. I was looking forward to a peaceful summer and rededicated myself to this end. I enjoy blogging so and it brings me a lot of fulfillment. (Your responses uplift me in many, ways and on many levels).

I have been going through some very difficult trials. It is both exciting and frightening. God may have plans to move my life, or He may be using what I am going through to meet the private prayer request of someone else. God may have something entirely different in mind. (He is so creative!) This is a time when I need an abundance of prayers through Christ, Jesus. As well as prayers on my behalf, please hold up all of those concerned. I ask for prayers for clarity and discernment, as given to all when we receive the Holy Spirit. I ask for patience, understanding, gentleness, wisdom and guidance.
I know that God is moving in powerful ways. Today, while gardening, God put on my heart to contact some particular people for "prayer cover". I thought it odd, as we do not keep in regular contact. At that moment, my husband received a call from one of those people. They had not spoken in 12 years. Some may call this, "coincidence". I am convinced that an instance such as this is the power of Almighty God moving and acting.
Soon, I may be put into situations that call for strong conviction, as well as righteous words and actions. I pray that in that day, I am able to stand as a witness to my Saviour and King.

I do know that in the end, something beautiful will come from all of this....but the waiting is difficult. Thank you for your prayers and support.


  1. I'm warrior-ing my brains out.


  2. Hello from Japan! Loving your blog by the way.

    The power of prayer is amazing isn't it.
    I find particularly with finding the answers to problems, while praying these seem to magically appear.
    Praying for others I think is also really rewarding, it reminds me to focus my thoughts on others and how they're doing.