Friday, June 12, 2009

Late Night Bandit

I was up late one night recently,when I heard thumping on the back deck. It sounded like someone was bumping the furniture about. The dog and cat stared intently through the sliding glass door, beside me. I turned off the small light in the room and peered into the darkness....nothing. I returned to my work, with the lights off and heard the sounds again. Using a red flashlight, I still could not discern anything.

I moved over to the kitchen and listened. The sound was just below that window. I climbed atop the counter and peered out... This young raccoon was on a table, just below where I sat. He seemed as interested in me as I was in him...We stared at each other, for the longest time, only a few feet of those moments that seem to last an eternity. It was joyous and magical! I could no longer control myself and I snapped a few images. The flash drove him away and he disappeared into the night.

I did not have to wait long before he returned. This time, he focused on his task and I watched to see his motive. He was back atop the table and working feverishly with his little hands, reaching down to pry open a bucket. (I wondered what was in there....had someone at the cook-out used it as a trash bin?) When he finally managed to pry open one edge, he climbed down. He tipped over the bucket and removed the lid.That little guy had found my missing, 20 pound bag of wild, birdseed !! He grabbed it by the handle and started down the steps with it. A few harsh raps on the window and he was gone into the night.

"Watching" and "listening" truly can bring untold moments of magic!!

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