Thursday, June 4, 2009

Farewells and New Paths

Sadly, I must bid farewell to many students with whom I've grown deeply attached, over the past several years. I have watched them grow from timid, elementary children to young people preparing to enter high school.

As they go their own ways, I have a feeling that I am entrusting, "my babies" to strangers: their families. I will continue to see some of them, regularly and that is comforting. Some will stop by to visit, while others I will see occasionally around town. There is a magical bond formed through art that transcends the heart-felt, "How are you?" and "Are you still creating?" kind of catching up in these random encounters.

Creating alongside one another develops a unique and intimate closeness. A deep connection is forged when nurturing someone on their own artistic path. I discover new ways of seeing. I learn to see through their eyes, experiences and hearts. I watch young artists grow and encourage them along their own, unique path~and then, the time comes to set them free.
Now, I find myself wondering many things: Have I instilled in them a love for art and for creating ? Have I given them the skills they will need as individual artists? Did I encourage them enough? Will they continue to create, no matter the course their lives take? Is there a chance that, somehow, the magic will return or continue?

One can never be sure of the course our futures will take. We must cherish the moments we have and make the most of every encounter...We must open our hearts to genuine love & relationship. In this way, we allow ourselves to feel deeply and lean more heavily on our Heavenly Father. We learn to have faith in the promise that Jesus made in John 14:16, " I will pray the father and He will send the Comforter [Holy Spirit], that He may abide with you forever".

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