Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amber Day

I arose just past 4 a.m. & before I even made it to the sliding glass doors, I was stopped in my tracks by what was before me. The moon was nearly full & sat atop the blackened forest silhouette. Over-sized from the atmosphere, it shone a deep amber. I stood still, as though I would waken a sleeping child. It rapidly descended through the trees and then into darkness. With the moon passed, the stars began to reappear & my eyes found a late meteor darting across the sky overhead!!!...& I so often hear, “Why do you get up so early?! What on earth do you do?”...I just have to grin. What a glorious way to start the day!!
I returned home to spy a splash of yellow, set against the forest, just outside my kitchen window. It was the first yellow hibiscus of the season & was nearly the size of my head. (I bring mine in & they bloom off & on throughout the winter. That throws off their schedule).To its' left, the roses are in full face level, they are a huge cluster to fall into as a pillow of petals. My day certainly had it’s ups & downs…but my attentiveness to God's creations, made it glorious !!!
I struggle with images of flowers such as these & lilies with their long pistils & stamens. On super macro, at times even on macro, it is hard to get things into focus & maintain the balance of the composition. Tonight was truly a God-moment! I rushed out as the "long-light" of the late afternoon, highlighted it's texture. (I will show some of those images another time). God gave me a cue: I could capture the beauty of the center shape & limit my focal concerns by shooting it's silhouette!!!
The yellow blossom will be gone tomorrow...but I anxiously await the opening of 2 double, red ones !!! He is so faithful & good!!!!

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