Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sage Wisdom

I went to college near the mountains in S. VA. One year I took weekend retreats over to Tidewater. I do not recall much about those trips, but one stands out due to the simple utterance of a friend. Jerry was a writer & a poet, an artist & philosopher. At a key point in my life, I found a peer who was also a Watcher. He taught me about glow worms & beavers & countless other things. Once we sat up half a night trying to mix a "new color". The words he spoke were few, but deep & insightful.
Late one night, we made our way across the state without anther car in sight. I slowly slid from one dark, lane to another, commenting, "I change lanes slowly". He casually remarked something like, "You don't change anything quickly". That has always stayed with me & given me pause for self-reflection. I do not do change well at all & have been going through a lot of it lately. I strive to be accepting with grace. During times of change in my life, Jerry's voice always comes back to me & helps me grow.
I wonder what I may have once uttered that stayed with someone...Is it a comfort or a thorn?

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