Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lizard Guest

London has always had a way with wildlife, especially lizards. We have anoles (aka "American Chameleon") & blue-tailed skinks in abundance around our home. Even as a toddler, London could snatch a lizard with lightening speed, always taking care to stay away from the tail, lest it break. Last Friday, an anole of about 4 inches came to stay in one of our guest tanks. As it grew dark, London wanted to make sure he was warm enough. He & Tom curled up a string of multi-colored rope lights in the tank.It was a lovely glow for me to sleep by that night. London & his buddy spent quite awhile catching & feeding him insects. Alas, the time went quickly & he had to return to his home in the wild. AS the boys moved to catch him, he broke free & took off for the "safety" of our clutter....not to be seen again. Most springs, we find a mummified lizard or toad that has sought hibernation quarters in our home, but this was our fault & we felt terrible. It was more likely that Mikey-Kitty would "play with him until he breaks"....Today, my husband saw a flash of pekid green at the kitchen window....the little guys had made it through a tough few days & was desperately wanting to go home. Fortunately, Tom retrieved him without any trouble. He carefully set him among dense, garden foliage for camouflage & safety. There he would find plenty of food & dew drops to quench his thirst. So very happy he has a happy ending!

We call him, "Lizard-Boy"...Here's a reason why:

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