Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Tint of Green

Arriving home tonight, I found that Tom had cooked an awesome meal of pancakes & "Sunday Eggs". I watched as my dear friends finish the last stages of house clearing. On the way home, I heard a wind-like rustle in the vines next to me & stopped to watch "Pat" the groundhog, making her way over the hills of vines. She knows me well enough to take her time. Her actions were so unlike what I would have expected & she was so close...it really was quite a moment!
I found that I needed some solitude. I set out a lounge chair at the forest's edge & set about watering. That is my real therapy. There is an amazing connection in being the rain that brings life. I sat out well passed dark, watching the nearly full moon rise through the forest as the night grew quiet. The trees began to murmur in a gentle breeze as the cacophony of insect life began their night song. The temperature started dropping & the sky began to fill with clouds. I watched as the moon wove it's way in & out of the shaded cottony down.
This green beauty is the image on my desktop. It isn't the best of the bunch, but it's the one I like. The actual leaf is only about an inch across...a beautiful remnant of one of the earliest to bloom in my spring gardens: a blue columbine. It is an imperfect image. Only one, extremely off-center droplet is in focus & the leaf has many flaws. I like it...a lot. When all was quiet inside, I found myself lost in the soft focus of this columbine leaf. I love the odd focal point & the other worlds held within the droplets. I am mesmerized by the soft-focus juxtaposed with the filigree veins. I feel movement in the conjoined drops set above a diamond about to fall. The way God splashed His warm glow across it bestows a certain holiness to the image & I feel enveloped in His love & care. Lost in this over-sized scene, I am renewed.

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