Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning Wake

I have been running from school to 3rd grade homework to scouts, funeral home, soccer, PTA... I stole half an hour & went shooting. I captured some nice things I wanted to share. I want to get back to "Attention to Detail" rather than the wrestlings of my heart.
With less than 1/2 an hour, I went out to see the rising lake waters. Though it was too dark, I grabbed my camera anyway...habit. Passing above the cove, I spooked the Great Blue Heron. His reptilian shriek pierced through the forest & I caught a glimpse of his massive gray wings in the dawning light. His return to our southern cove is a sure sign of seasons' change.
I sat on the dock for a time. I was awed by the stillness of the muddy water. There were no rings from fish, let alone the early morning school I am accustomed to. I made my climb up from the dock. Once I was on the level earth of the glade, I cast one last look back. There was the beaver !!! A gorgeous wake he cast. I would typically see only his head, but this time, he nearly came out of the water.I rarely see him out so late, but the thickness of the silt must have frustrated his hunting. I recalled my camera & fired off this one image. The lighting is never adequate for me to take a shot, & so my sightings remain for the film of my soul...I took it to share with you, so that however blurry, you have a glimpse into the beauty he casts upon the lake's surface.

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