Friday, September 25, 2009

The Return of Candle's Glow

For some strange reason, I frequently wake up at 3:13...exactly. I like my morning time, but this is really too early for days filled with middle school artists. A different praise song wakes me every morning & I arise with a song on my heart. That has me pumped for another day of thanks & gratitude.
As the first signs of autumn appear, the forest is thinning. Lights are revealed that were recently hidden by dense, summer foliage. Rarely are the insects & occasional bullfrog interrupted by the sounds of man. The stars are clear & our winter guardian, Orion is back in his place. At 4:00, the seats are dry, but by 5:30 they are dew-soaked. It is really a beautiful time to sit out.
I collect 2nd-hand candle's that people can't bear to burn. I can fill my house with candle's glow & this morning, I have started this "long-night" ritual once again. I burn all sorts of sculpted candles & get a kick out of it. This morning I have 3 teacups & 3 jars alight all around me. There is a wonderful sugar cookie fragrance wafting throughout my home intertwined with vanilla from 2 candles given to me by a beloved student. I remember those things. That is one reason I have so much "clutter" in my home. I remember & am touched.
This morning, as I sit near the sliding door overlooking the lake, I added several pillar candles out on the railing. The glow is inside & out. Turning to look I see those outdoors & the the reflection of some from within. It is a very peaceful way to start my day. Candle lights is so much like God. It illuminates the darkness, but doesn't knock you over the head. It gently beckons & it warms when approached. It is far-reaching but not glaring. It reveals truths, but only when approached. It is comforting. It seems only yesterday that I grieved the passing of winter nights & candle's glow. Now the time has returned & I have added outside glow to the ambiance. It is all good !

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