Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moonlit Morning

The other morning I made my way to the lake, by the light of the moon. I am familiar with the crevices & rocks, stumps & downed branches that even in the shadows of the foliage, I was completely at ease. From the dancing lights on the surface I knew at once that schools of fish were active throughout the cove. Through the eyes of binoculars the scene within was astounding! The shimmers from the fish appeared as a fantastical meteor shower, an added treat as clouds prevented us from watching the Perseus showers. I watched as silver glimmers leaped frantically from ever increasing ringlets throughout the cove. Ever so slowly, the surface stilled as the school made it's way up stream.

Over the ridge behind me, the dawn was erupting. The mornings' praises surrounded me as songbirds awoke. The baby wrens are still fed by their parents, but have more matured voices now...I know them. Our little slice of the world has been overwhelmed by the chirping of baby cardinals & this day was the same. Several mallards chatted as they slipped across the water & the heron made his familiar rounds. The moon is setting later now & it was dawn before she disappeared behind the pines. I began my trek towards home to start my day, renewed & refreshed.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos... beautiful words.
    I see our mornings sometimes mirror each other. That is so nice!
    (PS, love the photo of Lizard Boy and his innocent neck.)